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90 Day Body Transformation

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Seen as this is a fitness website it only makes sense for me Ben Matheson as the founder to do a challenge to kick things off.So I have started a 90 day bulk and cut challenge.The reasons being I have always loved working out and lifting weights but I don’t think I’ve ever hit my muscle building potential for various reasons such as lack of sleep\rest , training or nutrition and at 28 I think it’s the right time to go all out and see what gains I can make with proper training and eating habits.

The aim is to spend 5 weeks on a smart bulk, 4 weeks of maintenance calories followed by 3 weeks on a cut, with the aim of losing fat and gained muscle at the end of the 12 weeks (90 day) period.My current weight is 78.9KG or 173.9447lbs and the target weight is 175lbs of mostly lean muscle and around 12% body fat.

I will be working out 3 times a week with no cardio using a non-linear weightlifting program, varying the reps every session. Research shows a non-linear program to be the most effective for gaining muscle mass.

The first week has gone and I wasn’t that pleased with how it went.Eating 3200 calories a day is very hard for me, sometimes I don’t feel like eating but I need to force the food down.Its tough but I think I heard Dorian Yates say that eating has to become your job if you want to put on mass and I definitely can see that. I need to eat more carbs as I’m always lacking in those macros, I don’t have any problem with eating 140g of protein every day but the calories is a tough ask but I’m going to do it no matter what.I struggled hitting the 3200 target every day, one reason I think is because I didn’t do my shopping at the start of the week every day felt rushed to get the food down because I’d be aimlessly looking into the fridge at what I could eat to bump the calories number up.I also need to eat earlier in the day as I spend the evenings rushing food down me which is no good.

I will consume more liquid calories to get the required amount in and add heavy cream to my homemade mass gainer to add more onto that total of around 800 calories.I did workout every day so that’s a positive but sleep quality wasn’t fantastic.Now it’s onwards to the second week and it can only improve, the challenge started 5th August and will conclude in 90 days time.

Before Photos Taken 04/08/2019




As you can see much can be improved, some side fat, lack of definition and muscle separation.

Measurements Taken 04.8.2019

Right Arm – 14”

Left Arm – 13.5”

Chest – 40”

Right Thigh – 24.25

Left Thigh – 24.2

Neck 16”

Right Calf 15”

Left Calf 15.4