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SCI MX Protein Brownie Review

Posted by Ben mathson on

I tried the SCI MX chocolate chip Protein brownie see full review below, these views are my own.


The packaging is quite modern, well designed and advertises the macros of the protein brownie. On first opening the product certainly didn’t look like a brownie, more like something you would find under your shoe and it also had a distinct chemical smell which was very off putting.


The taste was bitter and unfortunately very dry, so much so I could only consume half of it.The texture was very chewy and the only saving grace was the chocolate chips were quite nice.It feels like you are eating a generic old dry protein bar rather than a brownie.Of course I was not expecting full on brownie flavour but I expected to taste more of the chocolate.There is only 0.5g of sugar in this product and you can tell because it doesn’t have any taste and is devoid of any kind of flavour whatsoever.


The macros are quite good and that was the main reason I purchased the product.It contains 20 grams of protein which is reasonable although 25g would be best for post and pre workout training. It only contains 0.5 grams of sugar which is good although maybe if sci-mx bumped this up to 1-2 grams the taste would be much improved which retaining good nutritional values.The brownie gives you 24 grams of carbs which is quite reasonable to provide some energy while training and offers 246 calories which could benefit hardgainers or those trying to pack on muscle mass.


I purchased this for £2 at a supermarket which is quite expensive and I certainly will not be buying from this brand or this product anytime soon unless they have a recipe change as it is just a waste of money.There are plenty of cheaper and better options out there.

Overall Rating

Thumbs down - 4/10

I am not impressed by the taste or lack off and was put off by the dry appearance and chemical smell to start with and I couldn’t finish it.Which is why it gets a very poor rating.