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Wow Hydrate Protein Water Tropical Flavour Review

Posted by Ben Matheson on

I tried the Wow Hydrate Protein water in the tropical flavour and these are my thoughts. 


The packaging is quite cool and should appeal to a younger audience, I was made aware of the product when I saw heavyweight champ Tyson Fury promoting the brand. I like the cap system, push down the red button and the flavour is disbursed into the water and then shake well to mix.


At first I thought the taste was quite overpowering but after shaking the bottle a few times for the flavour powder to be properly distributed the taste is  really great. I would say the flavour is more orange than tropical which isn’t a bad thing. It is definitely a refreshing drink and is ideal for summer or a hard workout session.The sports drink is sugar free and gets most of its taste from sweeteners.


The macros are -

20g Collagen Protein

Sugar Free

1.36 BCAA from Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine

Carbs 0.6



The collagen protein content is good at 20g and could be used as a pre or post workout drink for recovery.The fact that the drink is sugar free is great for those watching their diet, athletes or are in a cutting phase.The branch chained amino acids values are really negligible and are unlikely to see any benefit from these low doses, the vitamin content isn’t worth mentioning either as the doses are so low.I think the vitamin C, D and B6 values on the side packaging of the drink are used as a marketing ploy rather than having any real benefits as the values are so low when I looked at the ingredients.


I purchased this bottle at Morrison’s for just £1.25 a bargain in my eyes for the nutritional value offered.


I am impressed by the WOWHYDRATE protein water because it tastes great, it’s easy to drink and stomach and the protein content is great for me as I looking to gain muscle and by having a couple of these in a day I can increase my total protein consumption.I finished the bottle and bought a weekly supply so I will definitely be stocking up on these